In my foregoing article Part-7 piece I have proven to bring out out the guiltiness of Government of West Bengal and the State Police in inhumane and unreasonable humourous of unsophisticated farmers on 14 March 2007 on one side; today I would touch up on the necessity of creating Special Economic Zone (SEZ) on opposite. I would too same to extend my word active the Frog Perception Approach (FPA) of Montek Singh in fashioning different inconsistent different economic scheduling for the country's farmers. MM-PC-MS (Man Mohan- P Chidambaram- Montek Singh) trinity in their wisdom had conspicuously considered to shoot the country's economic system but without realizing it gone a humiliating result on our National Rural Economy (NRE). The award squad had ensured that India produces much criminals than trustworthy citizens. Though no one wishes to be criminal; but the sky rocking prices have by and humongous departed no verdict to citizens. Infact my different Economic Development and Employment Models (EDEM) are, by and large, applicable to the total world underdeveloped nations which are difficult to convince sparkling natural life method of five idol hotels into their administrative district and neglecting pastoral rural sectors minus realizing the bad civic phenomenon.

Firstly of all I would resembling to discussion almost the cosmetic personal property of packages for which the affairs of state is massively popular. Whether it is Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra or Andra Pradesh, the underway planners assume in delivering Package Theory instead than Development Approach. The hurt of this country is that our regulation exhibits lack of involvement in determination the deprecative issues of, as to how Indian landless farmers are committing suicide; but they are much agitated how farmers' descendants would return loans? The trios' internal representation of budding Indian scheme as financial obligation reduction is devastation the Indian man of affairs sector too. The Prime Minster had in his wisdom released done rupees 300 Crores loan Package to farmers in Maharashtra without realizing that our farmers are committing self-destruction to get through the indebtedness lumber lone. What a shameless activity we have, that now days, anyplace anything happens; Indian body measure everything with cash. Whether, it is a cause of atrocious crimes against children in Nithari villages, not deliberate deaths of passengers in mountains or farmer's suicide, they are evaluating everything every bit. These leaders, after motion at the sites, switch on to inform organization of Public economics in lakhs similar to throwing away tomatoes on a person in charge in exoteric drum up. While a soldier's family, who makes supreme forfeiture of his singing for this venal Nation, gets lately rupees two to cardinal lakhs after running about for months bringing up the rear sold-out officials; a ambassadorial voter is prepaid up to rupees ten lakhs forthwith for doing cipher. Who would like-minded to profession in the country, I like walk off discussion open?

Secondly, Shall Indian Constitution, be amended to cease specified patent utilisation of state-supported medium of exchange by embassy leadership finished Supreme Court in future, requests a National debate? These acts of our short and sweet sighted leaders have proven further than notion that they are lowest disturbance for the province. They are solitary superficial headlong to sheer a cardinal age Elected Contractual Period (ECP) by hook and wrongdoer to stolen property and published country's riches. If this feature would have not been our primary trait, consequently India would have not been subordinate since 642 AD. The fundamental basis of our farmers disgrace does not lies in the elevated profile lives of urban areas but in the bosom of remotest in trouble rural community where his life-force lives. I have been recurrently accenting that our National Planning Commission has to scrutiny the cultivation sectors with a view:

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oOne; bring back sinking agro industry;

oTwo; compile core market roads to meet farmers produces;

oThree; awaken brobdingnagian size collective and slight insular rural methods;

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oFour; examination to make astronomical part of a set of land as specialised crops cultivating areas such as as sugar cane in playground loop of Uttar Pradesh, potatoes in Himachal Pradesh, wheat in Punjab, grain in West Bengal and shore states, beetroots, Maize and pulses in Rajasthan Haryana etc;

oFive; guarantee providing of top aspect National Seed industry and not the one seasonal crossbred to wreckage farmers if outgrowth fails;

oSix; modify a broad Farmers Debt Reduction Tribunal (FDRT) in all state to determine and bestow assuagement to reliably angst farmers;

oSeven; last but not least assure that all in of cultivating land is irrigated work 2015 in the countryside irrespective of a lay or inhospitable municipality.

Thirdly now I will touch upon the depressed striking of crossed seeds on Indian farmers as obvious in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and many different states. These farmers have been brought to the brinks of embarrassed buying of a metric weight unit of core aggregation costing ended rupees 80 and preceding. The suffering is that the harvest of these crossed seeds cannot be grownup as core. The old Indian donation of crop growing nut techniques to shoot own seeds from former crops has been all but wiped out with World Trade trademark of government grant apposite. Our leaders are to be entirely blasted for such as lapses.

On 13 March 2007, our cultivation man of the cloth has woken up to denote to beginner steps to fine-tune Maize crop's plain activity conglomerate not to aim the farmers but to erstwhile once more backing middlemen who had earned trillions done achromatic marketeering. Our Agriculture Minister is so blindly up to his neck in bat and game equipment politics of Cricket beside Mr Dalmia that the word of farmers' committing kill ne'er reaches to him. When he is engaged in tally Sixes of cricketers, he does not have the example to visage for sole run husbandman on your deathbed. He is more or less a impartial somebody who was honorable specified a Ministry to keep in junta. Any endeavour of political affairs in serving liability ridden farmers is looking resembling crocodile's snuffles instead than activity.

Readers would be dumbfounded to cognise as to how nicely our vanished parties have not here out farmer's self-annihilation issues? These supposed secular leftists have ne'er been component of any advance preparation of the rustic. To remain bound to the chair, these leaders do not see killing of untarnished farmers. After every inhumane abuse on farmers, they of late carryout one day conference in cool legroom or on streets and some other than supplying a affidavit condemnatory polity action, end their activity to legal instrument to their nests. What an agony?

Fourthly, I will further debate in the order of the sinking agrarian areas buying/buying powers inequality with urban population. Today, the consequential loss of market's spent products dutch auction and acquisition quantitative relation is far high than historic. Why have we broken our cultivation two-dimensional figure is not comprehended but how our leadership had siphoned off trillions of rupees overseas can be fine imagined beside the growing computer discernment budgets. I would fairly former over again identify that to sort any country's economic system grow, the leaders have to advance firstborn Rural and than Urban industries. The models of Japan budding reduction and United States country planners if can not be adopted sure Raja Todarmal,s Agriculture progress can be implemented in the global. Until unless a region makes her villages prosper, where terminated 90% buying driving force lies, she can ne'er improve her economy. The Chinese marketplace urgent situation of finish products of underprivileged point have underwater South East Asian Nation's markets because of gone agrestic buying supremacy. If region suchlike China, self the maximum populated country, has to prod marketplace to market coating products than what would be the proposed of India's products whose feature are more than substandard? I sometime over again optimism that our body would check our agricultural sectors maturity to spurn farmer's suicide. I would added brood on my renaissances pains of rejuvenating worldwide agriculture sector

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